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Knitting With Kids

I think everyone has experienced the frustration in teaching someone to knit.

Today was a great episode on Teaching Kids to knit. The show had great beginner projects like Bean Bags, making a cute hat, and making a Swatch style Scarf that could easily become a simple Harry Potter wizard style scarf with the right colors. I loved that the "Knitsters" today were little girls! It brought a fresh and young perspective. I bet today's show really got a lot of kids interested in learning how to knit.

The guest today was Melanie Frick. She wrote Kids Knitting: Projects for Kids of all Ages, and she also wrote the popular book Weekend Knitting. Both books have really good reviews on Amazon.

Also, I was looking for knitting journals on LJ. I even did a search for knitting Add me communities, and I could not find one. So, I created a knitting add me community.

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