faerymoonbeam (faerymoonbeam) wrote in diyknittygritty,

Hi There!

I am new to your group...I'm addicted to knitting and to watching Knitty Gritty, too. I was asked to post a photo of my most recent project, Vickie Howell's Lana & Clark Ascot, so here it is!

It was knit up with Vickie Howell's own brand of yarn - Rock - color "Joan." The picot edging was really fun to do!

I have done up a few other Vickie projects. Here is one from her book "New Knits on the Block". I present the Monster Hat on my nephew Tommy:

One other Vickie Howell project - her January pattern of the month from her blog:

Here is the link if anyone else is interested in making the pattern. If you use the same brand of yarn, you get wonderful results:


I'd love to talk with people in this community about knitting, Knitty Gritty, and to share ideas and help with problems.
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