Kimmy (crazykimmy) wrote in diyknittygritty,

Hey Folks!

I wanted to let you know that we will soon be starting Round 4 of Secret Pal on LJ!

Click on the picture to visit the community page.

Signups will begin in the next week or so, with several more posts in the coming days to explain how the swap will work. Please feel free to watch the community for updates, but do not apply for membership until you're able to finish the application. It's not been posted yet, but it's coming soon!

If you haven't heard of the Secret Pal swap before, here's the main idea: You fill out a questionnaire letting everyone know about your yarn tastes and habits. We (the mods) assign Secret will be sending to someone, and someone different will be sending to you. Then the spoiling begins! We spoil each other by sending yarny goodies to our pals, and sharing the goodies with the community. Packages will be sent out once a month for 3 months, and the total required dollar amount is $30. Sound interesting? Check us out! Remember, signups will be starting this coming week. All are welcome!
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