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With Love

Every knitter has some yarn that has been sitting in their stash forever. It was usually bought on impulse and is not designated for any specific project. It might be some yarn that was gifted to you, or a particular color yarn that didn’t look the same from the picture on the internet.

Project Linus donates handmade blankets to children. Some of the blankets are quilts and some are knitted blankets. There is a chapter in every state, and most states have more than 1 chapter.

I would like to encourage everyone to knit something for Project Linus. Make a blanket and donate it to your local Project Linus chapter. They will take your blanket to a facility where it will be given to a deserving child.

Maybe you don’t have the time to donate the energy into making a blanket. Contact the local or closest chapter and you can donate materials. Most chapter coordinators are very grateful for them, and can put them to good use. Materials must be new, unused and free of contaminants such as mold, mildew and smoke. They should be cotton or cotton/poly blends. Knits, double knits, wool, and some other materials are not acceptable. So, email them and see what they need.
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