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Need Help finding yarn on Etsty [Aug. 29th, 2008|09:57 pm]
Knitty Gritty


[Current Mood |creativecreative]

I would rather use Etsy over EBay; I want to support local artists. I have read the good and bad stories and know that the bad are fewer than the good.

So, I need your ETSY favorites. I have 50$ burning a hole in my pay pal account that I would love to spend. (Des Etsy accept pay pal?") I need recommendations because I don't what to get a wet Willie and get screwed over like...
1. Sellers with a LOT of lost packages that they claim aren’t their fault, If 2 out of three packages go missing, that is going to make me raise an eyebrow.
2 Misrepresentation of the amount of yarn a’ cake' and 'ball' can have lot of different quantities of weight. So, I need two things
1. Pitfalls to stay away from (did you have a bad exeperience?)
2. Quality - One buyer found that after she spritzed her work, all the colors ran,

Specifically especially self striping yarn
P.S. - If anyone has a good source for self striping yarn, I would like to know. On the net, or Etsy