Need Help finding yarn on Etsty

I would rather use Etsy over EBay; I want to support local artists. I have read the good and bad stories and know that the bad are fewer than the good.

So, I need your ETSY favorites. I have 50$ burning a hole in my pay pal account that I would love to spend. (Des Etsy accept pay pal?") I need recommendations because I don't what to get a wet Willie and get screwed over like...
1. Sellers with a LOT of lost packages that they claim aren’t their fault, If 2 out of three packages go missing, that is going to make me raise an eyebrow.
2 Misrepresentation of the amount of yarn a’ cake' and 'ball' can have lot of different quantities of weight. So, I need two things
1. Pitfalls to stay away from (did you have a bad exeperience?)
2. Quality - One buyer found that after she spritzed her work, all the colors ran,

Specifically especially self striping yarn
P.S. - If anyone has a good source for self striping yarn, I would like to know. On the net, or Etsy
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Kit sale at Michaels!

Been trying to get your reluctant friend interested in the Fabric Arts? These are the cheapest I have seen these kits. Michael's has the Boyle "I taught myself to knit and the "I taught myself to crochet" Here is the link if you are interested! They were running low at Michaels craft store.
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Anyone want a Ravelry Invite?

Does anyone want a Ravelry invite? I checked my other gmail account and I have an invite code - from September 0_o! I don't need it as I am already on Ravelry (as Knitliterati) First one to reply with their e-mail address and I will forward it to them.

Given away =)

pattern search

I have been searching for patterns for new mommies… all I can find are things for babies! I’m trying to knit up some lovelies for a first time mother (of twins) that’d be functional as well as fashionable, and hopefully durable. I’ve found some shawls that’ll work well for nursing privacy, but otherwise I can’t find anything geared towards moms/first time moms/dads. I have a few months yet; send me your links!

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Jordana Paige bag ..and more

I was all a-twitter today when watching Knitty Gritty was the episode about teen knitting, one girl knit slippers, the other made a backpack. Anyway, in one of the knit bits, Vickie mentioned storing your knitting in different purses. The selection of purses she had were the new Jordana Paige bags one of which I just received last week as a gift ..the blue satchel. The one she picked up was purple ..but it was the same style ..I thought that was pretty neat.

Additionally season coming up. Loom knitting is going to be one of the episodes. My friend Isela Phelps is going to be on ..July 9th, I believe. She runs the site ..I own several of them and she is co-editor for Loom Knitters Circle Magazine 

I happen to have a pattern in that issue ..the eye mask. 

Anyway ..just thought it was interesting and noteworthy.

Great Episodes with Patterns!

Spot On! Adornments Christina Batch shows us simple ways to make embellishments. Now that plain object will meet your creativity and turn into something that will catch everyone's eye!

Hooked on Knitting It's innovative and fascinating. Lily Chin shows how to knit crochet stitches! Yes, it's possible!

Forever Plaid Designer Teva Durham creates an awesome plaid kilt using a slip-stitch insarsia pattern. The skirt is worked with a number of bobbins with only a few increases...

Rockin' Regal Cuffs Lace is nothing to fear and Tricia Waddell proves it. If you're a newbie, her cuffs are a perfect and if you aren't new to lace try her skirt ruffle.

Cruzin' Down the Highway Get ready to revamp your ride with some stylin' knits. Designer Kelly Wilson helps deck out cars with some great fuzzy projects that are easy to knit up and fun to use.

Knit Jewelry Knitted jewelry is a great quick way to make something that will match an outfit for an evening out. Designer Kelly Wilson has some great ideas for knitting jewelry with...
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